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The Trip

This page contains links to the posts from my study abroad trip during the summer of 2009.

Week One: Riva and Northern Italy

Day 1 The Journey Plane from Atlanta to Milan, bus to Riva, getting settled in the Villa
Day 2 (AM) The Wedding Class in Riva and a wedding across the street
Day 2 (PM) The Ascent Train ride to and view from the top of Mount Generoso
Day 3 The Fortifications Class in Bellinzona, exploring the city and two of its castles
Day 4 The Crossing Boat ride to Lugano, exploring the city and its churches
Day 5 The Surprise Surprise train trip to Milan, view from the top of the Duomo
Day 6 The Inscription Trip to Como, civic museum, Funicular ride to the top of the mountain, exploring the city
Day 7 The Respite Classes in Riva, Villa gardens, exploring the town: baptistry, Santa Croce, cemetary

Week Two: Rome

Day 8 The Arrival Long bus ride to Rome, walking around near the hotel, “Life of Michelangelo”, Colosseum at night
Day 9 The Ruins Inside the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Capitoline Museums, Palatine Hill
Day 10 The Tombs Trip to Ostia Antica, Trajan’s Column, Imperial Forum Museum
Day 11 The Tour Quirinal Churches and Palace, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Fountain of the Four Rivers, da Vinci exhibit, Palazza Massimo
Day 12 The March St. Peter’s, Vatican Museums, Palazzo Altemps
Day 13 The Finale Ara Pacis, Piazza della Repubblica, Baths of Diocletian, Santa Maria Maggiore, Trevi Fountain + Four Rivers at night

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