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Posted by Ben on August 22, 2009


Well…my apologies for the latest pause in pictures.  Life has been a little hectic.  I finished my summer internship last Friday and then moved back to school this past Wednesday, spending most of the days in between packing and running errands.

This picture comes from our dorm’s annual community building hike to the Cascades.  It started off as a fairly dreary day, but luckily stopped raining before we got to the park.  About three quarters of the way to the falls, I spotted this butterfly sitting on the railing of a small bridge, opening and closing its wings with a surprisingly steady rhythm.  It gave me a really good opportunity to experiment with my new camera.  I started off at the far end of the bridge using the full 20x zoom on the camera to get pictures, but the angle of the shot wasn’t very good.  Very slowly, I made my way across the bridge, stopping every few feet to take another shot, just in case it flew away.  I was also able to pull the zoom back as I got closer, reducing camera shake and making the pictures a little more clear.  This picture was definitely the best of the set, and was taken from about three or four feet away.

The colors and the clarity of this picture blew me away when I got back to the room and transferred the day’s shots to my computer.  I really love the blue coloring at the bottom of the wings.  I was also surprised to see the black lines running through the wings.  There is a little bit of blurring on the tops of the wings (it didn’t keep its wings open for very long each time), but you can still see the orange spots which were pretty cool.  I also like the fairly narrow depth of field, causing the butterfly and only a little bit of the railing around it to be in focus.

Interestingly, this post represents a lot of milestones.  Firstly, this is my 50th post on this blog.  To tell the truth, when I started a few months ago, I figured I’d put up a few pictures and eventually just lose interest in the whole process.  However, in order to keep going, I had to go back through my old albums, picking out photos I like, and at the same time, figuring out the ones I didn’t like.  My first few posts here were really nothing more than a picture and a brief caption, but eventually I started taking a deeper look at the photos I posted here, making notes of things that worked well, both technically and stylistically.  I think that this analytical process has really helped me improve my photographic skills over the past few months

Secondly, this post is the first featuring a picture from my new camera.  As much as I enjoyed using the Rebel this summer, it was never really anything more than just a loaner.  By actually going out and researching, then buying my own camera, I feel that I have made a significant investment in my future as a photographer.  The new features have got me excited about experimenting with new techniques and learning new tricks as I go along.  I’ve also gone ahead and ordered a couple of filters and a portable tripod, giving me more options for shooting, and making it easier to stabilize some of the longer zoomed pictures with this camera.  This is definitely an important step forward for me.

Thirdly, and on a more personal level, this is the first picture from my Junior year here at Tech.  A new school year always brings with it the excitement of meeting new people, trying new things, and reconnecting with friends that I haven’t seen in a few months.  I know it also signals the return of a great deal of stress from a variety of personal, academic, and social sources, but I just have to believe that at the end of the day the positives are going to far outweigh the negatives; that the risks I take will more often pay off than leave me flat on my face.  I have very high hopes for the coming semester, and I also know that I have an amazing bunch of friends who can pick me up if I happen to stumble along the way.



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