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Getting Away

Posted by Ben on July 23, 2009


I had the opportunity last weekend to use my Aunt’s cabin up in the mountains.  It’s in a great location, near Sparta NC, and only a few minutes from the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Luckily, I was able to get up with a few friends from school who weren’t too far away from the area and convince them to join me for the weekend.  We met up there on Friday night after arriving from three different directions.  I can definitely say it did me good to see some familiar faces again.  I’d barely seen anyone from MC all summer.  We were all pretty tired on Friday night and just hung out for a while before falling asleep.  After a great breakfast at a restaurant out on the Parkway, we came back and headed to the lake a short ways down the road from the cabin.  Eventually we decided to brave the chilly waters of the lake and went for a swim.  In this picture are Liz and Ryan (up on the diving board) and Nick and Whitney in the lake.

I had never really messed around with the color settings on the Rebel, but stumbled onto the menu while I was playing around with it.  I really like how this monochrome shot came out.  Not only does it look pretty cool, but it seems to capture the old-fashioned feel that was so prevalent in that place.  The picture doesn’t lose any of its sharpness by removing the colors, and I think if anything it makes you focus more on the people in the shot.

We ended up taking the boats out onto the lake a little later.  One of the coolest things we saw while we were there, which I unfortunately don’t have any pictures of, was the night sky.  This was by far the darkest place I had ever been to stare up at the stars, and was simply amazed at the number that could be seen.  For the first time, I could actually see the Milky Way.  It was difficult to pick out recognizable constellations due to the number of stars in the sky.  We could even see several satellites crossing the sky, and one that gave us a couple of spectacularly bright flashes.

Nick and Whitney had to leave late Saturday afternoon, leaving three of us there on Sunday.  We decided to go for a hike at Stone Mountain State Park, which was a short drive away.  We also decided to take the loop trail around the park; 4.5 miles and aptly labeled as a strenuous hike.  The first part of the hike took us down past a pretty nice waterfall and along a couple of streams on the valley floor.  Then began a very steep ascent to the summit of Stone Mountain, which involved a large number of steps.  The views from the top was definitely worth it though.


Sorry for the delay between posts recently, I’ve been pretty busy with work and other things.  Hopefully it will pick up again soon.  Seeing people from school has really gotten me excited about going back in a few weeks!  I also really want to get back up to the cabin sometime during fall semester for a weekend.



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