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In the Woods

Posted by Ben on March 11, 2012

Two more pictures from last weekend’s hike.  Only two more weeks til spring break…

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Sweet Creek Falls (Revisited)

Posted by Ben on March 5, 2012

I had the chance to get away from work for a little while today and took the chance to drive out towards the coast.  Once I got over the mountains, the weather turned incredibly nice, and I decided to change plans and head back to Sweet Creek Falls. The water levels were much higher this time around, probably as a result of all the rain we’ve been getting over the past few weeks.  Here are a few pictures from the falls at the end of the trail.

The lighting was really cool here for this shot.  The sun was shining on the path in the foreground but the falls in the background were in the shadows.  I was able to use the neutral density filter to slow down the shutter speed for the water while still getting the vivid colors in the foreground.

This was from the “upper” section of the falls.  It was a little harder to take pictures here since the sun was directly behind the falls.  I had to position the shot to block out most of the sun, though the top left corner is still a little blown out.  It still turned out pretty well though.


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Sweet Creek Falls

Posted by Ben on February 15, 2012

Ugh…it’s been a long day. Two assignments due plus a big midterm tomorrow equals a very busy day today. Working backwards through my photo collection led me to some pictures I took around exam time last term. I took a drive out towards the coast to a place called Sweet Creek Falls, where I followed a trail through a canyon filled with waterfalls.  Here are a few shots from my explorations:


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Clear Skies

Posted by Ben on February 11, 2012

Another view of Odell Lake, though in the day this time. The weather up there was so nice, and I’ve been missing it the last few days, which have been cloudy and occasionally rainy here in Eugene.

This week was a little rough, trying to catch up with grading and homework from the weekend, but I managed to get it all done in time. I also had a big midterm in my Differential Topology class today, which I think went surprisingly well. I’ll have to wait to see if I did as well as I think I did though. After all of that, it was nice to go out dancing tonight, and just kinda forget about all of the pressure from classes and everything else going on at the moment.  There were a couple of awesome performances from a group that came down from Corvallis.

Tomorrow should be a lot of fun as well. I’m heading to a “Microbrew Festival” with a couple of friends, then going out for another night of dancing 🙂


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Posted by Ben on February 1, 2012

Well, I got a new photography toy to play around with over the holidays, a graduated neutral density filter. The idea is that you can use it to help properly expose a shot with an area that’s considerably brighter than the rest of the shot, like the sky in a good deal of landscape shots (read more here if you’re interested). Usually, you would align the delineation between the two parts of the filter with the boundary between the bright and dark areas of the shot. Playing around with my filter though, I did exactly the opposite, and you can see how the right side of this shot looks considerably darker than the left. It was still a pretty neat effect in my opinion

I’m still playing around with this filter, and trying to get an idea of the proper way to use it. I tried a few shots with the filter’s boundary aligned with the horizon in the above shot, but I think the sun was too bright to really get the effect I was going for.  Another five minutes or so, when the sun went down behind the mountain, I think I would have had a lot more luck, but unfortunately, the lookout tower was closing, and I couldn’t wait around for it.  I did get a fairly nice shot looking away from the sun, and using the filter:

And another with the camera down on the railing of the tower:


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