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Posted by Ben on September 23, 2009


About a week and a half ago, we had our annual “Nerdfest” Ultimate Frisbee game with the other honors dorm, Hillcrest.  Unfortunately, my wrist was still injured at this point, so I wasn’t able to play, but I did end up with some good pictures.  I definitely don’t have much practice taking action photos, but the extended zoom on my camera does make it easier.  I know a fast shutter speed is essential to capture “still” images; this one was about 1/400th of a second (ISO 200), and I think it worked pretty well.  The expression on both of the faces are great, and it seems like luck that I managed to get the frisbee in there too.  I also think that Burruss makes a pretty good background for the shot.

I can’t claim that much actual composition took place before I took this shot since the game was moving so fast, but it turned out really well.  One convention I’ve read about in taking sports shots is to leave space in front of the subject for them to move into.  I got the reverse effect in this shot, creating “dead space” behind the two.  However, I think it really works with this picture, in effect emphasizing the ground that the two have covered to reach the frisbee and that there is no one else around them.

We ended up winning the game pretty handily 13-4, a good start to the Nerdfest season.

Well, I’ve got my first major exam tomorrow night in my Real Analysis course, so I should probably be getting off to sleep at this point.


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