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Rising From the Mists

Posted by Ben on February 13, 2012

Here are a couple of shots from a hike I took with a few friends last December at Mount Pisgah. We decided that we needed a break from studying for finals and were able to find a nice hike not to far away from Eugene.  We climbed up the trail through some pretty dense fog, but as we got closer to the summit, we broke out of it and were able to see the sun for a little while (before the fog caught back up with us). These are a few pictures from that boundary area that I thought turned out pretty cool:

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Spilling Over

Posted by Ben on October 28, 2011

Here’s a (slightly) older shot from May.  A few days before graduation, a few of us from Main Campbell went for a hike at a place called Tinker Cliffs.  It was a great hike, made more difficult by the fact that it started raining once we were about 2 miles into the hike, making several climbs up muddy hills necessary.  It was slow going for a little while, but the rain eventually tapered off by the time we got up to the cliffs, giving a a gorgeous view across the valley.  One of the coolest things was seeing the clouds “spilling over” the mountains across the valley.

We could also see some of the nearby mountains poking out of the low clouds.  Here’s a shot of the group that made the trek:

And here’s a neat shot of the fog in the woods after the rain stopped:

Anyway, it’s been kind of a rough week here, but I made it to the weekend.  Time to relax a little and go dancing in a little while 🙂


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Into the Unknown

Posted by Ben on May 21, 2010

These pictures come from a trip I took with some friends down to my Aunt’s cabin in N.C. near the end of the semester.  Things can get pretty hectic around this time of year, and it was really nice to be able to just get away from it all for a few days.  Our second night there, it was really foggy, so we went down to the lake to see what it was like in the fog.

I had trouble deciding between these two shots.  I really like the composition of the first one with the dock in the lower left corner.  I feel like it gives a sense of stability to the shot.  The fact that the subject only went half-way out on the board seems to add to the effect.  It seems like she’s hesitant to venture any further away from the safety offered by the dock, and the life preserver hanging there.  She also seems to be looking down, at the board, as if trying to decide just how far out to go.

The second shot is it’s opposite in many respects.  It lacks the stability of the first as you cannot see the dock at all, just the board, which you can kinda see bending down beneath his weight.  The subject in this shot has walked all the way to the end of the board, and is looking off into the distance, as if trying to determine what is beyond the fog.  It adds a lot to the shot that you cannot see the water beneath the board or the trees in the background.  This scene could be occurring anywhere; he could be standing over the edge of a canyon for all we know.  Stylistically, I think it would have been a little better to put a little more empty space in front of him, but I couldn’t really crop this one much without losing the top of his head or the board beneath him.

The unknown can be a scary thing, and we can either shy away from it, clinging to the surety of the things we can already see around us or step out to the edge and meet it face to face.


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