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Dancing Flames

Posted by Ben on May 28, 2010

Just a neat little fire picture from the end of the semester trip to the cabin.  I had to play around with the settings for a while before I got one that I was satisfied with.  This shot has an 8/10 second exposure, which meant I had to use my mini tripod for stability.  Longer exposures resulted in a mass of bright light, which made it a lot harder to see any details about the tips of the flame.  It also got rid of a lot of the different shades of orange that you can see within the flames, instead having just a mass of white light, with a small orange fringe around the outer edge.  I also tried a shorter exposure, which was better than the longer one, but still not quite as good as this one.  The shorter (1/10 second) shot didn’t show as much of the motion of the flame as this one did.



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