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Posted by Ben on February 28, 2012

I haven’t completely forgotten about the blog. It’s just taken a back seat for the past couple of days. I’ve been fairly loaded down with things from school: homework, readings, writing (and grading) a midterm for my precalculus class, and studying for my own exams.  I’ve also been pretty busy outside of school, dancing most nights of the week, either at lessons during the week or socially on the weekends. I’m still, as I always seem to be, struggling to find that perfect balance between work and play, school and hobbies, being serious and actually enjoying myself.

I count myself lucky that I’ve got several good friends here that always seem to be there to pick me up when I’m feeling a little down. I am feeling a little stir-crazy though. I think I’ve only left Eugene twice since getting back in January, once hiking at Kentucky falls the day after I got back, and then the trip to Odell Lake a few weekends ago. I’d love to get back out exploring the area, or even just driving through the mountains again, but I’ve either got too much to do over the weekend or the weather is being uncooperative (something I guess I should get used to this time of year here). Maybe it’s a good thing, and keeping me focused on getting things done, but sometimes I just feel full of restless energy telling me to get out and go somewhere.  At least there are only three and a half (admittedly difficult) weeks until spring break. Hopefully that week off will give me a chance to act on some of these restless impulses without too many pressures hanging over my head.  And, if not, then there’s always the summer I guess, though that seems like an eternity away.

Anyway, that’s enough of me rambling about my life for one post (I do feel a little better having written something a little more substantial than usual).  Here’s a picture from this past summer that fits with the theme of the rest of the post:

This was taken up in Acadia, at the end of the Wonderland trail where it opened up onto the beach. There were a number of rock piles like this one dotting the beach (which was a lot more rocky than I was used to seeing along the East coast). I remember trying to position myself so that the angle of the rocks matched that of the shore in the background, but this was the closest I was able to get. Anyway, I thought it was a neat shot. You can see the different colors that appear in the different rocks. I’m also glad I got a little bit of the (much) larger rock that this pile was sitting on in the foreground of the shot to give it a little additional depth.



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The Other Coast

Posted by Ben on July 22, 2010

This is another shot from two weekends ago.  On Sunday, Leanne and I decided to drive out to the coast for the afternoon.  For the most part, it was a very gray day at the beach, but we ended up getting about a 45 minute window of sun before the clouds came back.

The West coast is so much different than the East.  I’m used to just seeing miles and miles of relatively flat, sandy beaches back home.  The landscape out here is a lot more interesting, and while the sandy sections of beach are somewhat few and far between, the rocky sections are really neat as well.  There’s something pretty awe-inspiring about seeing the waves crashing against the rocks and shooting up a spray of water.


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Posted by Ben on June 1, 2009


This is another picture from our beach trip last summer.  We decided to go wander around the docks one evening after dinner and stumbled upon a crane.  I think I followed him around for a good 10-15 minutes taking pictures, walking back and forth as he flew from one pier to another.  I ended up getting some pretty good still photos, but I really liked the action shots like this.  It would have been cool to have been able to catch a landing like this from the other side, but then the crane would have had to be flying towards me, which it didn’t seem to want to do.  Go figure…  Anyway, I really like how you can see the feathers at the tips of the wings spreading out.  I’m glad that the picture turned out this sharp considering the low light, lack of flash, and moving subject.  Also the owl tied to the post in the upper right corner is a neat little carving.


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The Rising Sun

Posted by Ben on May 26, 2009


Not much of a story behind this one…This picture was taken last summer while my family was on vacation down at Shell Island (near Wilmington).  I don’t have many sunrise pictures, mostly because I’m rarely awake in time to get them.  There are a bunch of things that I like about this picture though.  One is definitely the variety of color in the sky.  There’s a nice bright orange and yellow right around the sun that fades to a much paler shade above and into almost a purple along the horizon to both sides.  It’s kinda neat how the bright colors exist in almost a shell around the sun.  The illumination of the cloud right above the sun is nice, but I really like the smaller clouds in the distance, but between the sun and the camera that seem to be sticking out of the sun itself.  The reflection of the sun in the shallow water and damp sand really adds to the shot, and I like that there’s a wave breaking up the reflection rather than having a long continuous one.  Overall, I think it’s cool to see the sun at such a low position on the horizon, something normally obstructed by buildings or trees.

Sorry for the somewhat rambling post tonight, I’m a little short on time…


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