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Taking the Plunge

Posted by Ben on October 25, 2011

This shot is from Sahalie Falls up in the Cascades.  There are a lot of things about the way this shot turned out that I really like.  The first is the color of the water, the blue at the top of the falls and the sheet of white as it falls. And while the water is white, you don’t get the feeling that it’s overexposed that I frequently get.  This was because I switched from evaluative to spot metering for this shot, properly exposing the water, rather than trying (and failing) to properly expose everything in the shot. The consequences of this are a much, much faster shutter speed.  This was taken at 1/800 sec as opposed to the 1/200 sec or 1/500 sec that I normally get.  In addition to getting the exposure of the water correct, it also did a great job of “freezing” it.  To me, at least, you get a better idea of just how much water is coming over the falls, and the amount of force behind it.  Slower shutter speeds can make for very pretty and smooth images, but the trade-off is that you lose this sense of power.

I also like the faint hint of a rainbow about 2/5 of the way up the picture, and how the silhouette of the outcropping in front of the falls brings it out a little more on the right side.  The silhouette is also pretty cool, as you can see the blades of grass growing from it against the nice white of the falls.



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