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Posted by Ben on October 18, 2011


I need a little break from doing math tonight, so here’s a pair of pictures I snapped this past weekend.

This is an effect that I enjoy playing with in my photos, and it’s pretty interesting to see these two shots together.  They’re not quite the same positioning and zoom, which would have made it better, but I took several shots between them and then had the idea to do the second.

Even after a good amount of thought, I’m not sure which one I like better.  I really like the way that the water turned out in the top shot, but I like the softer focus on the trees and leaves, and the rock in the middle of the bottom one.  I also really like the texture on the rock in the very foreground in the bottom shot.

Either way, I’m glad I pulled off into the little parking lot on the side of the highway, even though it was pretty sketchy looking.  I had to walk about a quarter mile alongside the highway (but behind a guardrail) to get to the trail leading down to the stream and falls, but I did have the place to myself, and no one was there to see me climbing out to the rocks in the middle of the stream to get these shots (which in hindsight may not have been the best idea).

No real deep thoughts to go with this one, back to work now…


One Response to “Focusing”

  1. Awesome photography. Beautiful place.

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