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Back at it

Posted by Ben on January 31, 2011

Well…it’s certainly been a while since I posted anything here.  I’ll admit that the blog has been pretty low down on my list of priorities over the past few months, and I really just haven’t had the motivation to put much effort into it.  I can’t promise that either of those things will change substantially in the near future, but I do want to start putting some photos up here again.  I have quite the backlog of photos to from last semester and winter break to share, so I’ll just put up a couple of them at a time for the next few posts

Obviously, this is from a while back, when everything was still green… This is Sinking Creek Bridge, one of apparently five or so covered bridges left in Virginia.  I was out on one of my random adventures and saw a sign on the side of the road pointing to a covered bridge, so I decided to investigate.

A little later in that same adventure, I found a really neat old church with a cool belltower

Anyway, I’ve got to run to class.  I’ll try to keep putting up more pictures over the coming weeks, but don’t expect any kind of regular schedule…



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