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Changing Plans

Posted by Ben on June 18, 2010

Well…bad weather up in Glacier necessitated a change in plans for the last part of my trip.  Wednesday, I headed south out of West Yellowstone into Idaho.  I went by the Craters of the Moon National Monument, but because of the rain I couldn’t really see much there.  I ended up in Boise that night.  Thursday, I drove north-west to Yakima, Washington.  I don’t have any pictures from these two days; the weather was too bad on Wednesday, and there wasn’t much to see on Thursday.

Today, I headed west from Yakima through Mount Rainier National Park.  It was beautiful.  The picture above was taken near the entrance of the park.  The neutral-density filter came in handy here to get a really nice blur effect on the water.  There were a bunch of waterfalls along the sides of the roads, that were all beautiful.  There was also a lot more snow than I was expecting for this time of year, and the roads in the higher elevations had piles up to about ten feet on either side.

The top of the mountain was covered in clouds, but it was still an awe-inspiring sight.

I stopped for the night in Olympia.  My plan for tomorrow is to, weather permitting, explore Olympic National Park and then spend the night with some friends in Redmond.



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