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The Flat Lands

Posted by Ben on June 13, 2010

Today’s drive started off pretty wet, but after driving west for about half an hour, I finally got out of the rain.  The day really cleared up for a while, and I decided to take a little detour since today’s drive was a little shorter than the last few.  I saw a sign on the highway for the Cedar Bluff Reservoir and State Park so I turned off.

The little two-lane country highway was great.  There was absolutely no traffic, a pleasant change from I-70, and it was much more scenic.  After about 15 miles, I made it to the reservoir and drove around it for a little while, taking a couple of pictures (a few of which may turn up here eventually).  On the way back to the highway, I stopped at a little stone church on the side of the road.  The inscription on the front of the church is below

After getting a couple of pictures of the church, I walked out into the road and took the picture at the top of the post.

From there, I returned to the highway and headed west once again.  Before I left Kansas, I turned north to take a slightly different route to my destination.  I spent the next hour and a half driving through the rain in the northwestern part of Kansas.  I then passed into Nebraska, and left about 5 minutes later, heading into Colorado.  After another thirty minutes or so, the rain finally ended.  The skies over the plains of this part of the state were pretty cool.  There was a patchy covering of really low, dark clouds.  Through the cracks between these clouds you could see some bright white, wispy clouds much higher up and the beautiful blue sky.

Tomorrow I drive northwest into Wyoming.



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