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View from the top

Posted by Ben on May 31, 2010

In keeping with the recent theme, here’s another shot from the end of the semester trip down to NC.  This one was taken at the summit of Stone Mountain, looking down on the forest below.  It is quite a long way up from the bottom, but the view is definitely worth it, even on a cloudy day like this one was.

I like the way this shot turned out.  A pretty good balance between the foreground elements and the background ones.  Looking down on the tops of the trees below, it’s pretty easy to see the dramatic change in elevation between the two parts of the image.  I also really like the way he is standing in the tree, though I wish I had caught him with his head above that top branch.  The one thing that I think would have made this shot better would have been for me to get lower, so that instead of looking down on the forest below, the image was looking out towards the mountains and skyline beyond.



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