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Sunset Garden

Posted by Ben on April 13, 2010

What can I say?  I really enjoy going to the Horticulture gardens on campus, especially when the sun is going down.  The flowers are beautiful this time of year, and the late day sun makes for some excellent light.  I think the coolest thing about this shot is that the light on the gazebo is not direct sunlight, rather it is reflected off of a building at least a quarter mile away.  The sun is actually behind the tree you can see in the top right corner.  As I was walking through the gardens, I noticed my shadow being cast on the columns, and didn’t think too much of it until I also realized that the sun was actually on the other side of the gazebo and couldn’t possibly be the light source on this side of the structure.  It’s a shame that the top corners of the image got blown out, but I wasn’t able to get a good shot that got the orange color of the sky as well as all of the colors of the foreground.  I guess I could have tried the ND filter, but I wouldn’t have been able to steady the camera for the longer exposures without a tripod.

As I said last weekend, I have been working hard on my math research project for the semester.  I ended up creating a new blog page to post some of my research write-ups.  Click the “Research” button on the navigation bar above for a quick overview, which will be expanded as I find the time to work on it, and one of my more recent pieces.



One Response to “Sunset Garden”

  1. Bryce said

    Nice picture, Ben. I enjoyed your story explaining the reflected light.

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