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Still Here

Posted by Ben on April 5, 2010

Sorry for the long delay between posts again.  The last two weeks have been busy.  I think I’ve had four tests and a couple of papers during that time.  But other than the amount of work and studying, I’d have to say things are going very well.  I’ll try to hit the high points of the last two weeks and not worry tonight about the lower ones.  At salsa a week and a half ago, I placed third in a dance contest.  I ended up winning a pair of tickets to the Lyric theater downtown.  That Friday we had our annual prospective freshmen weekend to interview and try to recruit incoming freshmen for our dorm for next year.  One of the traditions is that we generally have a “Coffeehouse” event that night, which is kind of like a big talent show between Main Campbell and Hillcrest.  A few friends of mine and I decided to perform a rueda dance (think salsa dancing but switching partners every 10-15 seconds).  The dance went really well, and we were able to time a couple of the bigger moves to the music, which looked really cool.

The next night was the class of 2011 Ring Dance, one of the biggest and oldest traditions we have here at Tech.  I went with my friend Lindsey, and we both had a really good time.  We ended up going to dinner at Gillie’s downtown with six other people before the dance which was a lot of fun.  We stayed at the dance for a few hours, where I was ceremoniously presented with my class ring, and then went to watch the fireworks together at midnight.  Now, I never went to any of my high school dances, so I didn’t really know what to expect at the dance, but I was surprised at just how much fun I ended up having, much of which I have to believe was due to the great company.

This past week hasn’t actually been that eventful, other than finding out I had gotten A’s on both of my tests the previous week and making some progress on my research.  I’ve had a bunch of people ask me to try to explain exactly what I do with “math research,” so I may post a little of my work later this week after I meet with my professor to talk about it.  The weather has been amazing the past few days, with highs getting up into the 80’s and beautiful, clear skies.  I snapped this picture Saturday night as the sun was going down.  I was just coming out of the Horticulture gardens, where the light was not quite as good as I had been hoping.  I happened to glance back over my shoulder as I was walking back towards the dorm and saw the beautiful color on the side of this building.

I washed out the first couple of shots of this building by trying to include the setting sun in it.  I finally learned my lesson though and used a tree off to the left of this image to block it.  Doing this let me get both the building and the sky behind it with pretty good color.  I really like how the light seems to reflect differently off of all of the different surfaces on the building.  The hokie stones on the bottom portion of the building give some really cool highlights on the sections the sun is hitting directly.  I also like the triangular protrusions towards the top of the building, and the shadows they throw.



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  1. mom said

    Gorgeous afternoon sun; nice picture!

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