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Posted by Ben on March 20, 2010

This is another picture I shot Thursday while the weather was so nice.  There were a lot of people out fishing at the duck pond, and this person just happened to be in the right spot to have the sun behind her as it set that night.  I really like the silhouette effect here with the light reflected off of the water rather than just using the sky like I normally would.

The beautiful weather continues here in Blacksburg, at least through today.  I’m planning on taking a drive through the country later, maybe I’ll end up with some good pictures.  I went out to the SVSDS dance last night and ended up staying for almost five hours.  It was a lot of fun, and I had a really great time.  It was also really nice when we all got back; the sky was perfectly clear and you could see a ton of stars.  I went with a friend to one of my favorite spots to go to on clear dark nights like this one, and we just stared up at the sky for a while.  As always, it was very soothing, and it was nice to have someone else there to share it with.



3 Responses to “Silhouetted”

  1. Desiree said

    this is so pretty.. really nicely done!

  2. chriscaff said

    This is a lovely shot. The sunset is stunning. I happen to like silhouetting myself. It’s a great technique for giving a ‘flavour’ of the sunset without actually blinding yourself.

  3. epicswife said

    I love silhouetting !!! This is a wonderful shot, beautiful……..stunning…… well I don’t have the words – but I love it !!!

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