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Posted by Ben on March 13, 2010

This picture was taken out on the drillfield almost two months ago, before the month or so that it was completely covered in snow.  I was playing around with my neutral density filter that afternoon, so this picture was actually taken with a shutter speed of .6 seconds, which would normally blow almost all of the image out.  I think it was a windy day and I was trying to get a little blur in the clouds, which didn’t end up working too well.  However, I think the colors came out a little better in this shot than in the ones without the ND filter.  I really like the nice gradient of blue in the sky.  I also used my mini tripod to get closer to the ground, which gave me a really nice foreground for the shot.

I realized a couple of days ago that I was reaching an important milestone for this blog.  Today marks one year since I started posting pictures here.  Coincidentally, this is also the 100th post.  In that time, I have put up 261 pictures, and have had a total of 4,478 visits to this site.

I’d like to think that I’ve gotten better at this whole photography thing since I started this site.  It has given me a place to both showcase and critique my own work, helping me discover things that work well and things that don’t work quite so well.  I think it has definitely helped me develop a better “eye” for shots while I’m out taking pictures; I even think about it when I’m not carrying my camera around.

Though it wasn’t one of my original reasons for creating this blog, I have enjoyed using it as a place to talk about other things going on in my life as well.  And while I have a pretty good idea of the people who read these posts on a regular basis, I find myself willing to express myself a little more freely here than I normally would.

Thanks for sticking with me through this first year, hopefully there will be plenty of new pictures in the coming one as well!



3 Responses to “Anniversary”

  1. epicswife said

    I love how the clouds are just above the buildings and the sky above the grass is just blue – Great Shot !!!

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