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Warmer Days

Posted by Ben on February 14, 2010

Anyone in Blacksburg now could tell you that this picture has to be at least a few weeks old.  This one was taken a few days before our first major snow of the semester, back when you could still see the ground.  I think I’ve mentioned before that the sunset light here during the winter casts a really nice reddish/orange tint over everything.  This picture was taken from the duckpond end of the drillfield looking towards Torg bridge and the pylons.  I’ve realized that while sunsets can be exceptionally pretty, if you focus solely on them, you may be missing amazing colors elsewhere.

I really like the nice warm colors in this picture, on the ground, on the buildings, and in the clouds.  The polarizing filter also helped to get some of the blue from the sky as well.  I really like the reflections off the windows on the left as well.

I ended up having a great time Friday night.  I think the dance, and hanging out with all of the people there, was just what the doctor had ordered after a long, stressful week.  Assuming I can get my car out of the parking lot on Tuesday, I’ll be flying down to Ft. Worth, TX for an interview with Lockheed Martin on Wednesday.  Hopefully they won’t end up with 3 feet of snow.

In very unrelated news, sometime while I was out dancing Friday night, I hit 4000 views on this blog.  So thanks to everyone for staying with me!


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