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Braving the Elements

Posted by Ben on February 2, 2010

We got a pretty intense snow storm this past weekend.  We ended up with about half a foot of snow on Saturday.  I went out during a slight lull in the storm Saturday afternoon to take a couple of pictures.  Unfortunately, the lull didn’t last very long, and by the time I made my way out to the duck pond, it had started up again.

With my normal camera settings, I was able to barely make out the falling snowflakes.  I decided to try slowing down the shutter speed a little bit in order to blur the falling snow.  The picture above was taken at 1/25 seconds.  The one below was taken at 1/60 seconds.

I really like the blurring effect the slower shutter speed gives.  Unfortunately, it also introduces a little more camera shake as well, especially since both of these were taken at the full 20x zoom.


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