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A Step Back

Posted by Ben on January 28, 2010

This is another shot from the Horticulture gardens yesterday afternoon.  If you look in the center of the picture, you can see the mass of icicles that last night’s picture came from.  To the left of the icicles is the little waterfall from one of my pictures last year: A Frozen Shell.  The color from the sun wasn’t quite as intense at this point, but it’s still nice.  Luckily the sun was in just the right position in the sky to shine through the tunnel under the bridge and illuminate the rocks and ice on the other side.  I really like the symmetry that the reflection in the water adds to this shot.  The water is still enough to actually let you see a decent reflection, but has some ripples to show the water is moving.  I actually took this with the legs of my Gorillapod down in the water in order to get closer to the surface.

If you did not read my post from late last night, feel free to disregard the following.

I spent a lot of time today thinking about what I wrote last night.  And while I still stand by what I said there, I realized that I went a little far by actually posting some of that.  Because of this, the latter portion of last night’s post has been removed.  Like I said, I was in a weird mood last night, and didn’t think through my post as well as I usually do.  The truth is that I have no way of knowing who is reading this, aside from those who leave comments.  And while I have had some posts in the past that delve into some of my deeper thoughts, I have always tried to respect anonymity where it is appropriate.  I know I didn’t mention any names, but I feel like I was much more direct than usual, and I felt a little uncomfortable about that over the course of the day.  I needed to get that out of me in some form, but in retrospect, the blog was not the ideal medium.



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