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The Calm Before the Storm

Posted by Ben on December 11, 2009

This picture is from last weekend’s snow in Blacksburg, looking out toward the drillfield.

Well, I have finally submitted all of my assignments for the semester.  I had a project and exercise due today in Computer Systems.  So now I have a day or two to relax and breathe before exams start on Monday.  The last few days have actually been quite pleasant for the most part.  We had our Mentor/Senior toasts Wednesday night.  There was the usual mix of serious and funny toasts, but they were all very well done.  I followed that with Salsa dancing for a couple of hours and then went to a party at a friend’s place.  There weren’t any classes yesterday, so I spent a good portion of the day working on the Systems project.  I got in a good run yesterday afternoon, probably one of my best in the last few weeks despite the temperatures being below freezing.    That was followed by an excellent game of Shadows over Camelot and then Ticket to Ride.

Anyway, it’s been nice to be able to catch up on some sleep and just relax for a few days.  The next week or so is going to be rough, I’m not anticipating any of these exams to be easy this semester.  But then it’s Winter break and I won’t have to deal with homework or tests or projects for a whole month.



One Response to “The Calm Before the Storm”

  1. K'Nex said

    Great pictures! I’ve finally caught up, just like I said I would. I especially liked “Focal Activities”, and I think mine might be cooking… Congratulations on finishing your semester, and hope the grades are everything you wanted them to be!

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