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Posted by Ben on November 9, 2009


This was taken last night out by the duck pond.  I really liked the way the wispy clouds looked and tried to compose a good shot with them in it.  It turned out pretty nicely.  There’s a good amount of symmetry along the line of clouds, with the clouds on each side of the center seeming to point out to the upper corners of the picture.  I tried to put the tall tree in the middle of the cloud bank to line up with the bulge at the center.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the tree to appear any higher, since if I had taken another couple of steps forward I would have been in the water and if I had lowered the camera any more, there would have been too many plants in the foreground, though I do like that I managed to include the tops of them in the shot.  The colors are nice, and the reflection turned out pretty good as well.



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