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Posted by Ben on September 21, 2009


This photo shows the late-day sun shining through some tall grasses along the edge of the duckpond.  I was walking by these plants when the sun suddenly came out from behind a cloud and lit them up.  The illuminated plants themselves are really cool, but I also like the contrast between the streak of brightness running from the top right to the bottom left and the darker areas in the top left and bottom right.  I think it also helped having a fairly solid, dark background to the shot that was out of focus and blurry.  Though you can make out a tree trunk in the background near the left side of the picture.  The little bit of light coming in from the top left corner almost makes me think this picture comes from more of a steamy jungle setting than a relatively cool evening in Blacksburg.  I also like that all of the plant stalks are leaning to the same side, as if they were reaching out toward the light.

Sorry again for the long time between photos, I’ve been stressed out about a lot of school-related things over the past couple of weeks.  However, I’ve made a couple of changes that I think should help settle things down again.



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  1. Perez Christina said

    I like it

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