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A Small Reminder

Posted by Ben on August 6, 2009


This picture also comes from our last day in Riva San Vitale.  After our last lesson of the day, Jessica and I walked up the road a short way to the local cemetery.  As I mentioned from my narrative post from the trip, this cemetery was considerably different than your typical American one.  The plots in the cemetery, marked by fairly ornate and intricate stones and carvings often spanned over a hundred years and had many members of the same family.  I was especially touched by this one.  The expression on the face and the detail of the clothing are both amazing.  The figure itself was not very large, only a couple of inches tall.  The colors of the flower against the figure also stuck out at me and grabbed my attention.

I decided to play around with this image a little as well.


Luckily the Canon was powerful enough to let me crop the image down to this size and still maintain a good resolution.  You can make out a lot more detail in the figure here.  You can clearly see the strands of hair and the eyes that were so carefully made.  I also tweaked a few exposure settings slightly to give the figure more of a bronze color and to bring out the bright colors of the flower, which I think turned out pretty well.



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