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Growing Shadows

Posted by Ben on July 30, 2009


This picture was taken in the last few days of my freshman year at Tech.  Steph and I, done with exams, but hanging around campus for a couple of days decided to go out and take pictures around sunset one night.  I think I’ve already put up one or two pictures from this excursion, and I’m sure there will be a couple more in the future.  We headed out past the duckpond and continued on down Smithfield road.  This picture is of the field right behind the cage, which you can kinda make out on the left side of the horizon.  The field was full of corn, and while not quite as impressive as when it was fully grown when I came back in the fall, it was neat to be able to see over the tops of the plants and see them sway back and forth in the wind.

Stylistically, there are several things I really like about this shot.  The colors in this image came out really vivid, probably thanks to the setting sun, and it makes for somewhat of a dramatic effect in the picture.  The bright colors of the cloud tops and the corn contrast pretty sharply with the undersides of the clouds, which, at least for me, creates a sense of tension.  It’s also cool how the brightest patch of the field sits directly under the darkest part of the cloud.  With the shadows on the field on either side of the picture, the bright patch is hemmed in by darker colors on all four sides, which makes it jump out at you a little more.  The section of deep blue sky in the top right corner is also set off nicely.  I like how you can see how the field sits on the gently rolling hills, and that even the treeline in the background seems to follow the curve of the land.  (Coincidentally, these hills also make the fields a great place for running 🙂 )  In the middle of the picture, you can see my shadow, which I normally try very hard to avoid when taking pictures.  However, in this case, I like that it stops right at the edge of the field.  It also gives a sense of depth to the picture and its length shows that the sun is setting behind me.

Anyway, I really like how this picture came out, and it’s got some good memories attached to it.  Steph and I talked about doing this again last year, but were both too busy at the end of the semester unfortunately.  Maybe we’ll find time for another photo shoot sometime this semester.

Only three weeks left until I go back to Tech!



2 Responses to “Growing Shadows”

  1. Paul said

    Ben you have natural talent as a photographer. In some of your shots the highlights are over blown or the sky is blown out (probably because you are using the automatic setting on a digital camera) but your compositions are unique and you have an eye for beauty. The one where the people are playing in the river is particularly well composed. I like your choice to include the ground and your own shadow in this pic, it gives a sense of the strength and direction of the light (time of day), which I find is so often missing from landscape photography. Im not joking I’m a working artist and you have potential. Buy a nice Digital SLR and take a photo class so you can learn how to use it. Good Luck and God bless.

    • yim108 said

      Thanks for the comment! You are right that most of these pictures were taken in Auto mode on a pretty small point and shoot camera. I can control the ISO and that seems to be about it. I’ve been able to play around with a DSLR some this summer and have really enjoyed both the enhanced quality and the increased control you have over the pictures you take. I’m thinking about buying one of the new Canon super-zooms to take back to school with me next year. I know I wont get quite the same quality as an SLR, but it will give me the chance to continue to learn and experiment with the same kind of controls, not to mention a 20x zoom 🙂

      Thanks again for the encouragement!

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