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A Silhouette

Posted by Ben on July 26, 2009


This photo was taken on a trip to the Cascades in April 2008.  Silhouetted in the middle of the picture is my then roommate, Harold.  He had a habit of climbing up all the rocks along the path and even swinging across underneath some of the bridges.  I’d say it’s definitely something that rubbed off on me as I find myself doing it whenever I go hiking now.  A lot of times your efforts are rewarded by a particularly nice view that you wouldn’t get just following the beaten path.

I really like how this shot turned out.  The silhouette effect worked really well.  Harold is dark enough that he kinda blends in with the rock he is sitting on, but light enough that you can still make out his face if you look close enough.  I’m glad the sun ended up being partially obscured, which prevented it from washing out the color in too much of the picture.  It also prevented me from getting a lens flare for this shot.  Don’t get me wrong, I think the lens flare can look really cool in some situations, but I think it would have taken something away from this one.  The light shining through some of the leaves in the bottom left corner is a neat effect, but I’m glad the trees in the background are still bare.  It lets you see the pretty blue sky and wispy clouds.  I have to say that Harold’s got a pretty good looking off into the distance gaze too.  To me at least, it gives the impression that he’s perched on the edge of a cliff rather than a ten foot rock.  This is also helped by the fact that you can’t make out any of the rock surface, it’s just a solid black stone.

As an interesting, but unrelated, note, I hit 1000 visitors to my site today.  Thanks to everyone who has visited, and especially to those who keep coming back despite my irregular posting schedule.



One Response to “A Silhouette”

  1. I like nostalgia and I like Harold.

    Thus, this is a double win.

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