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Tunnel Vision

Posted by Ben on July 15, 2009


This picture was taken while I was out running around campus late one afternoon.  The tunnel takes the Huckleberry trail underneath what I think is an access road behind the Dairy complex.  The view is looking west out towards 460 and the fields beyond.

I really like the effect of shooting down the length of the tunnel like this.  While it restricts the view, it draws your attention to what is visible outside of the tunnel, so it’s a neat way to frame a shot.  You get a little sense of depth from the lines in the tunnel that come from the edges of the picture and converge towards the center.  I also like that the trail has a nice straightaway here, and you can see it going off into the distance.  You can also kinda see how the trail gently rises and falls a little from the way the sunlight is hitting the ridges.  The fences on either side of the trail also add nicely to this effect.

The only thing I don’t really like about this shot is the really dull colors, but I guess that’s what I should expect during winter in Blacksburg.  I think it would look better if the branches of the tree were covered in green, hanging over the trail.



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