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A Light Dusting

Posted by Ben on July 9, 2009

And now we resume our (somewhat) regularly scheduled blog:


This was taken a couple of days after one of the big snows spring semester of my Freshman year.  Most of the snow around campus had melted by this point, but some had still hung around out in the fields I like to run through.  Judging by the sun, I’d say its getting late in the afternoon, but I’m not entirely sure.

I like this picture for several reasons.  The first is that the snow only seems to be out in that one field and on the hill behind it.  You can see the path I was running on along the left side of the picture which was completely snow free, but a little soggy if I remember correctly.  The sun reflecting off the snow on the ground is also pretty cool, adding to the brightness of the picture.  The sky is beautiful too, a nice blue except below the sun.  The small cloud breaks up the color nicely in the top left and fills the empty space.  Looking closer at the picture, I’m not entirely sure what the camera was focusing on here.  There’s kind of a nice blurry effect throughout the whole image, which in this case seems to work pretty well.

In other news, I plan on putting up a separate page with a link on that top menu bar to index the entries from my European adventure as soon as I make myself sit down and actually do it.



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