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The March

Posted by Ben on July 5, 2009

Post for Tuesday June 30:

Our adventure today began with a long trek across Rome to the Vatican.  We briefly sat out in the plaza in front of St. Peter’s to catch our breath.


Once we were all together, we got in the security line for entrance to the Basilica.  The church was beautiful and full of some amazing works of art.




We then had an appointment to get into the Vatican Museums nearby.  The first section of the museum that we went through was full of classical Roman works.


We then went through an Egyptian section


After working our way through a Renaissance and Modern section, we reached the Sistine Chapel, which was packed with people.  I didn’t have much time to stop and take a great picture.


After a quick lunch, our group broke up again.  I made my way to another branch of the National Museum of Rome at Palazzo Altemps since it was on the way back to the hotel.  Like the one I had visited yesterday, it contained a great number of sculptures, including two fairly famous ones: the Aphrodite of Cnidos (A Roman copy of the Greek original) and The Suicide of a Gaul




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