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The Finale

Posted by Ben on July 5, 2009

Post for Wednesday July 1:

Our last full day in Rome did not have any group activities scheduled.  However, a few of us had planned the day before to visit the Ara Pacis this morning, as it had been closed when we walked by earlier in the week.  We met in the lobby of the hotel around 10 and then walked across town to the monument, which is now housed in its own, very modern looking, building.  Inside the building, there was a model of the ancient layout of the Campus Martius.


The dome in the bottom right is the Mausoleum of Augustus.  The white strip in the middle of the model is the Solarium Augusti, a sundial that would tell time of day and time of year.  The tiny box next to the Solarium is the Ara Pacis, and in the back, you can make out the Pantheon.  We then moved on to the actual Ara Pacis, an altar to Peace from the time of Augustus.


And the view from the back:


A few of us left from there and walked over to the Spanish steps to have lunch.  I then made my way to the Piazza della Repubblica, on the way to the Baths of Diocletian.  There was a really cool fountain in the Piazza.


The Baths of Diocletian hose a third part of the National Roman Museum, and include a large collection of inscriptions from funerary monuments, sarcophagi, and imperial monuments, including this one for Augustus.


There is also a cloister designed by Michelangelo located on the grounds of the baths.


On the way back to the hotel, I met back up with a few others from our group, and we decided to visit the nearby church of Santa Maria Maggiore.


Under the altar in the church is a reliquary holding a piece of the Holy Crib


Later that night, a group of us went to the Trevi fountain to see it all lit up.



We went over to the Fountain of the Four Rivers as well.


The next day, we woke up early and left the hotel about 6:30.  We walked up the street to the train station and boarded a nonstop train to the airport.  It took us a while to get through the security checkpoints, but eventually we got to the gate.  The flight was delayed by about an hour, but other than that, the return trip went smoothly.  After about a ten and a half hour flight, we were back in the U.S.

After two weeks abroad, it was good to be home again.  I had an amazing time on this trip and am extremely glad that I chose to take it.  I wish I had had more time in both Switzerland and Rome to see the sights, but am surprised at just how much we squeezed in to such a short time.  I also enjoyed writing this blog while I was there and since I’ve been back.  I hope you’ve enjoyed following along with my adventures despite the slight delays.  I also hope you’ll continue coming back to my site to see some other cool pictures, which will most likely start up again later this week.  I’ll probably end up using some of these pictures again and looking at them in a little more detail.



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