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The Ruins

Posted by Ben on July 3, 2009

Post for Saturday June 27:

Our first full day in Rome was quite busy. We started off with an early morning trip to the Colosseum. It took a little while to get in, but it was worth it!


Looking down from the second level was really cool since you could see into the underlevels, though it would have been neat to go explore down there too.


There was also an exhibit in the second level celebrating the Emperor Vespasian, who was born 2000 years ago


After making our way through the Colosseum, our next stop was a short class session by the Arch of Titus.


Following that was a walkthrough tour of the Roman Forum, which was really cool.  It was great to see the remains of some of the buildings I’ve read about in Latin and History courses.  This is a picture of the side of the Temple of Saturn:


After a short lunch break, we met back up at the Capitoline Museums.  In the entrance of the musuem, we all had to pose with the hand from the Colossus of Constantine


Inside the museum were some amazing things:
The equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius,


The Capitoline Wolf,


and the Dying Gaul


Unfortunately, there’s just not enough space here for all of the cool stuff in that museum (More might show up as separate posts in the future though).  There was also a hallway full of inscriptions, both Latin and Greek.  Some of the coolest ones were funerary markers for Cornelia, mother of the Gracchi brothers, and Agrippina Major, wife of Germanicus and mother of Caligula.  Once we finished going through the museum, we made our way back through the Forum to the Palatine hill.  One of the big attractions there, which we didn’t know would be open was the home of Augustus, which still had some of its original paintings left.



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