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The Inscription

Posted by Ben on June 24, 2009

This morning, after breakfast, we got on the same train to Como that we took yesterday.  After making our way through the heart of the city and past the Duomo, we got to the Museo Civico, home to a number of remarkable ancient Roman inscriptions.  We were given a scavenger hunt of sorts and asked to find different portions of inscriptions throughout the museum.  Once this task was accomplished, we were given some time to explore the museum on our own.


There was a really pretty statue in the center of the courtyard of the museum


We then walked though some of the exhibits in the museum, including some pre-Roman artifacts, even an Etruscan inscription from the Como area.  One of the coolest things there was a bust of the Emperor Augustus


We also took a nice group shot in the gardens before leaving the museum


By the time we finished at the musuem, the Duomo was closed until 3pm, so we decided to have lunch at a square down by the lake.  After lunch and feeding the hordes of pigeons, a friend and I decided to take the Funicular train up the side of the mountain.  It was a little wierd as there were two trains running on a single track which you think you’re going to collide with until you get close


The 4.5 Euro cost for the round-trip ticket was definitely worth it, the views from the top were spectacular.


You can kinda make out where the ancient city walls were.  They are marked by the long rows of trees around the center of the city on three sides.  After going back down the mountain, we made our way over to the Museum to Alessandro Volta


By this time, the Duomo had opened again, so we all convened there.  On the facade of the cathedral, there were statues of the two Plinys, both from Como.  There were some very impressive statues and stained glass windows inside the cathedral


We still had a little time after exploring the cathedral, so a friend and I walked around the city and found one of the ancient towers


After this, we finally met up again and headed back to Riva on a train.

Tomorrow we have class in the Villa again, and I plan to explore Riva a little more since it will be our last day there 😦


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