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The Ascent

Posted by Ben on June 20, 2009

Note this is the second post for Saturday’s adventures.  You should probably maximize your browser window to see these pictures in more detail as they resize automatically.

After the wedding and lunch shortly after, we walked across town to the train station.  There, we caught a cogwheel train going up to the top of Mount Generoso.  The train was kinda slow, but it allowed for some pretty good views of the surrounding valleys.  Here’s a shot from the train:


Up until this point we had had a gorgeous cloudless day, but in the afternoon, clouds started moving in from the south. We arrived at the top of the mountain around 3pm and had a little over an hour to look around.  After a fairly steep climb we made it to one of the two overlooks.  As an experiment I took a few pictures that I thought I might be able to make a panorama out of later, and it turned out pretty cool:


If you want to see a bigger version of this shot, just download it and resize it.  From the top we could see all three of the major lakes in the region, as well as some of the alps in the distance


Climbing back down from this peak, we immediately went to the second, closer to the observatory atop the mountain.  From here, there was a great view of Riva below that was blocked from the other site.


From here, I took another set of panorama shots looking back towards the summit of Mount Generoso that turned out nicely:


There were some nice flowers growing along the path heading back, so I took a quick macro shot.  There’s even a bee inside the top one


Tomorrow, we travel by train to Bellinzona for the day. I have a couple of memory cards to clear off before then 🙂


One Response to “The Ascent”

  1. Unfortunately, I didn’t make my way up Mount Generoso, but I did go hiking in Interlaken. If you find yourself with a free weekend and money to spare on train tickets, I highly recommend it as a hiking destination. You’d get some great shots.

    These are awesome, by the way.

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