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The Journey

Posted by Ben on June 19, 2009

Be warned that these posts will be image heavy…

Writing this now, I have not slept in over 30 hours, but it has definitely been worth it so far.  The first leg of the journey was a 7-hour ride from Raleigh to Atlanta to join the rest of the group in the airport there.  I arrived there without a hitch and we boarded the plane around 6:30 pm local time.  For the most part, the flight over was uneventful and a little boring, but what was I really expecting from a 9-hour overnight flight.  Things started picking up as the sun finally came up.  My first shock was looking out my window to see another plane almost directly beneath us.  About an hour and a half later we flew over the alps and were lucky enough to have some breaks in the clouds.  Here are some pictures I took from the plane:


The next leg of the journey involved taking a bus from the Milan airport to the Villa in Riva San Vitale.  Despite being semi-conscious for this ride, we made it to Riva without a problem, and after a quick lunch we got settled in our rooms.  Between our orientation and dinner, Evan and I went out exploring the town and I shot some cool pictures.  These first two are of the Villa Maderni itself:


These three shots all come from the Temple of Santa Croce:



Tomorrow’s post will probably contain more pictures from around Riva and hopefully from our ascent of one of the nearby mountains.



2 Responses to “The Journey”

  1. The Villa is beautiful, isn’t it? I had a great experience last year. Do you guys get the awesome chef, Luigi? He made, hands-down, the MOST AWESOME food.

  2. Terry Arthur said

    Amazing photos. Amazing trip. Coming back will be so hard! Looking forward to hearing all about it!

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