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More Focus Experiments

Posted by Ben on June 14, 2009



As the title implies, I was playing around with the manual focus functions of my camera the other day.  This picture was taken in my backyard as the sun was going down.  The flowers in question are daylilies.  I do enjoy being able to easily manually focus this camera as opposed to my older one which automatically focused every time.  I like how both of these pictures turned out.

The flowers look really good in the first one, with the blurry background drawing attention to the flowers themselves.  I also like how the sun shining through the trees came out in that shot.  The second picture is just the opposite, with the background in focus.  The flower in the middle of the foreground is blurred, but still looks pretty cool.  The camera’s exposure changed with the change in focus, causing the flowers to show up much darker in the second picture.  Another cool thing in the second picture that was completely unintentional was the flower bud in the middle of the foreground lining up perfectly with the tree trunk behind it.  At first I had thought this was some kind of weird lens flare from shooting towards the sun.

Sorry for another long pause between pictures.  I’m leaving this Thursday for my study abroad trip to Switzerland and Italy, so starting Friday (hopefully) I’ll be uploading pictures and details from Europe!



One Response to “More Focus Experiments”

  1. K'Nex said

    Keep up the great work Ben! I’m looking forward to seeing your photos from Europe.

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