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The Setting Sun

Posted by Ben on May 29, 2009


In response to the last post, here’s a picture of the setting sun.  This shot was taken from a spot on campus known affectionately as “The Fire Escape of Tortured Souls” (Thank you Steph and Mike).  Anyway, this is looking out towards the west over the duck pond, though you can’t really tell.

The dramatic sunset colors come mostly from underexposing the shot (-2EV for those that are curious).  I do this a lot with my sunset pictures to capture a darker color and to really focus on the sun.  You can see that you only get the silhouette of the trees in the foreground, which I think adds nicely to the picture.  I love the way the few clouds around the sun are illuminated and the ones slightly farther away are lit up enough to stand out against the darker background.  I also really like how the color of the sky changes as you move away from the sun.  The lens flare from the sun here is a little unfortunate, while it does look neat, it does break up the tree line which except at that point is a solid black.



One Response to “The Setting Sun”

  1. Byoooootiful.

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