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The Rising Sun

Posted by Ben on May 26, 2009


Not much of a story behind this one…This picture was taken last summer while my family was on vacation down at Shell Island (near Wilmington).  I don’t have many sunrise pictures, mostly because I’m rarely awake in time to get them.  There are a bunch of things that I like about this picture though.  One is definitely the variety of color in the sky.  There’s a nice bright orange and yellow right around the sun that fades to a much paler shade above and into almost a purple along the horizon to both sides.  It’s kinda neat how the bright colors exist in almost a shell around the sun.  The illumination of the cloud right above the sun is nice, but I really like the smaller clouds in the distance, but between the sun and the camera that seem to be sticking out of the sun itself.  The reflection of the sun in the shallow water and damp sand really adds to the shot, and I like that there’s a wave breaking up the reflection rather than having a long continuous one.  Overall, I think it’s cool to see the sun at such a low position on the horizon, something normally obstructed by buildings or trees.

Sorry for the somewhat rambling post tonight, I’m a little short on time…



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