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Posted by Ben on May 23, 2009


This picture was taken near the end of October out near Hethwood.  I was out for an early morning bike ride and stopped on the little bridge over the creek to take a picture.  I set my camera down on the railing, facing back towards campus and took a few shots of the creek.  Kinda playing around, I thought I’d back the camera up to get some of the railing in the shot as well, and this is how it turned out.

The first thing about this picture that catches my eye is definitely the color on the railing.  Now, being Blacksburg, it’s perfectly normal to have frost as early as October.  It’s really neat though to be able to see how it clings to all of the little wood chips sticking out of the railing, and to have the sun illuminating them.  I took a couple of pictures including the railing in the lower portion of the image, but this is the only one where the autofocus on the camera decided to pick the foreground rather than the landscape in the distance.  This brings the crystalline shards into pretty clear focus and you can see just how many of them there are.  It also serves to blur the landscape, which is also really cool.

I’ve got another pretty cool shot from the same morning which I’ll try to post tomorrow.



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