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Another Close Up

Posted by Ben on May 21, 2009


Forgive me for the lame title choice…it’s been a long day.  Harold, Patrick, Zach and I decided to go out to the duck pond after exams ended last Wednesday to feed the ducks.  After wasting most of the bread on the first group we encountered, we realized we hadn’t even gotten to the duck pond yet.  Further on, there was a group of 6 baby ducks that let us get really close to them.  (Harold advocated stealing some, since apparently the mother ducks can only count to three)  I was able to take a good number of shots before getting chased off by an angry parent.  I picked this one over any of the others mainly because of the duck on the left.  The fact that it’s staring right into the camera is pretty cool, and it creates a neat, natural lighting effect on its face.  I also liked the different colorings of the two ducks; the one on the right lacking the brown fuzz that the left one has.  More pictures from this set will be up on my photoshop site soon.



2 Responses to “Another Close Up”

  1. As always, Harold is a smart man.

    Thanks for the updates, your latest pictures are awesome.

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