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Rings of Fire

Posted by Ben on March 21, 2009




Sorry for the big post, but it’s new material and I couldn’t decide on just one of these photos.  These are pictures of Mandi Wasmer twirling fire batons in front of Hillcrest during the coffeehouse last night.  I’ll start by saying the performance itself was very impressive.  These are probably some of the coolest pictures I’ve ever taken, and it was pretty much by accident.  I had no idea that the night mode on my camera would actually slow down the shutter speed enough to allow me to get the trails of fire.  I like the two rings in the first picture and how you can see the flames pass behind her back in the second picture.  The third picture is a little more blurred, but it’s still an interesting shape being traced out by the fire.  You can also get a sense of just how fast Mandi was moving by looking at the blurred image.  It’s also really cool to look at the flames zoomed in, especially in the first picture



One Response to “Rings of Fire”

  1. So epic. Awesome capture there, Ben.

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