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The End of Winter

Posted by Ben on March 23, 2009


Hopefully, the recent stretch of warm weather here in Blacksburg is indicative of the end of the long winter.  So, to celebrate, here’s a picture of the sun setting over a snowy field.  There are a couple of things that I really like about this picture.  The first is how it seems like there’s just a small path of light going across the field.  In addition, the shadows from the uneven ground, especially in the foreground of the picture are an interesting effect.  The lens flare from the sun, and the tiny rainbow that accompanies it are also cool.  While I’ll definitely miss the snowy landscapes of winter, I’m looking forward to spring and warmer weather once again!



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Rings of Fire

Posted by Ben on March 21, 2009




Sorry for the big post, but it’s new material and I couldn’t decide on just one of these photos.  These are pictures of Mandi Wasmer twirling fire batons in front of Hillcrest during the coffeehouse last night.  I’ll start by saying the performance itself was very impressive.  These are probably some of the coolest pictures I’ve ever taken, and it was pretty much by accident.  I had no idea that the night mode on my camera would actually slow down the shutter speed enough to allow me to get the trails of fire.  I like the two rings in the first picture and how you can see the flames pass behind her back in the second picture.  The third picture is a little more blurred, but it’s still an interesting shape being traced out by the fire.  You can also get a sense of just how fast Mandi was moving by looking at the blurred image.  It’s also really cool to look at the flames zoomed in, especially in the first picture


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Posted by Ben on March 20, 2009


I have absolutely no idea what kind of flowers these are, but I found them growing over by the duckpond at the end of last year one morning.  I normally don’t take many photos at such a close distance, but I really like how this one turned out.  I should really mess around with the macro settings more frequently.  The color on these flowers is very pretty, and I like how you can still kinda see some of the morning dew on the petals.  I might end up with some more pictures like this once things start blooming again this year.


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Posted by Ben on March 18, 2009


Taken on a trip to the Cascades, this picture was shot from the bridge near the entrance to the park looking upstream.  I like how much of the stream you can see since it goes on straight for such a long distance, and you can also see how it is descending in a series of small waterfalls along the way.  I wish the trees along the banks had actually been green at the time, it would have added a lot of color to the picture, though you wouldn’t have been able to see quite as much of the sky.  I’d love to come back here someday when the creek and the falls are frozen over.  I’d also like to come back with a slightly better camera that would let me take some time lapse photos.

Sorry for the missed update yesterday, school is a little hectic at the moment.

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Posted by Ben on March 16, 2009


This picture ended up looking a lot cooler than I thought it would when I originally took it.  The light and the silhouette of the stop sign on the left are a really neat effect.  The hole in the clouds in the middle of the picture is also cool.  Not much else to say about this one.


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